Claire Kerri

Claire Kerri


Claire Kerri, born in 1991 nearby Munich, Germany, is more than just a typical girl from a small town in Bavaria who grew up in pure nature and - of course - loves to wear Dirndl. She is a spirited and modest soul who knows exactly what she wants and believes in her visions. She has always been a perfectionist when it comes to her music and vocals. No wonder she calls herself “her greatest critic”. Music has always been a huge part in Claire’s life. She grew up in a very musical family that introduced her to many different kinds of music. Mariah Carey, The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Savage Garden, The Beatles, Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton are just a few of those great artists that influenced Claire since her early childhood. So since she was a child she always knew that she didn’t want to be anything else but a singer. There was never a plan B. Today she says, “whenever I had to do anything else but singing, I felt like giving up myself.” 

Claire started singing at the tender age of 6, recorded songs on audio cassettes so she could sing them to family and friends. She never got vocal coaching but consistently trained her voice all by herself by listening to other vocalists, so that she could learn how to bring out the main points and specific qualities of her powerful voice. As her passion for singing grew steadily, she decided to join the school band and choir at the age of 12 to sniff a chance to stand on a real stage. That's when she gained her first stage experiences. And she fell in love with performing live right away. Stage fright? Of course! But up to the present day Claire always preferred to stand on stage rather than in the studio. The audience has always carried her to a higher level. “I love the audience. To me there’s nothing more fulfilling than singing in front of people. When I see them being close to tears, I know, it was worth the effort and the risks that I‘ve taken to get here. That’s when I know I did everything right”, she says. 

Since 2008 Claire has performed at bars, business events and shop openings in Berlin, Munich and Hannover. But the journey wasn’t ought to be over in Germany. “When it comes to my dreams, no risk is too high, no chance too little and no way too long to go. Sometimes you just have to give up your comfy zone to go for the great”, Claire says. No sooner said than done. In summer 2014 she left Germany and went to the USA for three months to meet other musicians and learn more about the music industry. “I wish I could have stayed there longer. Creativity of L.A.’s artists is boundless”, she says. During this time Claire grew as a woman and as a musician, and earned a bunch of positive feedback when she performed a several times in various bars in Los Angeles and Burbank, CA. But yet, the journey goes on. 

In 2011 Claire Kerri met the EDM producers Lacore Beatz and DJ Cross Noize alias Christian Wiese in Berlin with whom she wrote and co-produced a couple of demo tracks. Together they produced songs like “If the sky is falling down“ and “Take you higher” which gained a lot of positive feedback on youtube and other social networks. “I learned a lot about EDM the past few years but felt like I did it only with half my heart.” So she decided to find her way back to the genre she is emotionally bound up the most with - the R’n’B influenced pop music. 

Claire wants her music to inspire people to follow their passion and to live the life they are dreaming of. "Sometimes the best you can do is not to go with the flow, but rather to pave your own ways", she says. "We only have one life. So why would we stop doing the things we love? You know, music always saw me through my darkest hours. Now I am glad to use my voice to make people out there feeling better. I really hope my music can be an essential support for those who feel unfocussed or purposeless.“